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Allergies and Covid-19 Vaccine

Allergies and Covid-19 Vaccine

If you have an allergy, you are already on high alert every day to avoid allergic responses. You might be wondering if you should get the COVID-19 vaccine after hearing that some people have had allergic reactions to it.

If you’ve had an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals in the available vaccines, it’s best to consult your primary care doctor in Miami, Florida first. However, having seasonal allergies or a shellfish allergy does not exclude you from getting vaccinated.

While hearing about allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines can be concerning, Premium Health Care believes that educating patients about the rarity of adverse reactions and dispelling common vaccination myths can help put more people at ease and encourage them to get vaccinated at their local medical centers.

Delayed immune response reactions, as well as weariness, discomfort at the injection site, and vasovagal reactions, are not reasons to avoid COVID-19 vaccinations. This is especially crucial to remember following your first immunization dosage. Patients who are allergic to other medications, foods, or inhalants can get the COVID-19 immunization with standard precautions. This includes a 15-minute observation period following the vaccine under CDC guidelines.

If you have more questions or concerns about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, get advice from your trusted family doctor or healthcare professional.

Call your healthcare in Florida right away at 305-265-4441! Our medical facilities and pharmacy are available to assist you.

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