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Reduce Side Effects After Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

Reduce Side Effects After Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

Following your COVID-19 immunization at your local medical center, you may encounter common side effects including injection site soreness, fever, body pains, and headaches. These symptoms suggest that your body is initiating an immunological response; they are brief and should subside within one to two days. The aftercare for your COVID-19 immunization day entails more than just dealing with any minor side effects.

  • Log your side effects

    Consider taking part in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s V-Safe program. By reporting any side effects, you can assist the CDC in gathering vaccination safety research.

  • Avoid alcohol

    You may want to remember your COVID-19 shot with an alcohol shot, however, it is preferable to postpone the celebration by a day. Drinking alcohol on the day of your immunization may impair your ability to detect any negative effects.

  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers if needed

    Any adverse effects from the vaccine will be temporary; you won’t need to do anything special to treat them unless they are particularly troublesome, in which case you should contact your primary care doctor in Miami, Florida immediately.

  • Apply an ice pack or a cool, moist cloth to the area where the shot was administered to help minimize redness, pain, and swelling. A chilly bath can be relaxing as well.

Contact your primary care doctor if your symptoms are severe or last for longer than 72 hours.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, you must continue to follow the recommendations of public health officers and your provider of healthcare in Florida: wear your mask in public, maintain hand hygiene, and exercise social distance.

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