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Ways to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19

Ways to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19

Months of being cooped up at home and being on the receiving end of various health advice on how to prevent yourself from contracting COVID-19 can result in messaging fatigue, desensitizing us, and keeping us from retaining the health information that matters.

To help you make sense of the situation, we at Premium Healthcare Medical Center, as your partners in healthcare in Florida, are sharing protective ways that have been studied extensively and are supported by current scientific evidence. These includes:

  • Getting vaccinated once the vaccine becomes available in your area. Make sure to get only the ones that are authorized by your medical center and the CDC.
  • Washing your hands properly and frequently and, most importantly, before putting on your mask, handling food, and before touching your pets or other family members.
  • Wearing your mask properly and making sure it fits snuggly without unnecessary gaps. Replace it with another type and/or brand when necessary.
  • Avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated areas and socially distancing with at least 6 feet apart. The lack of enough and proper air ventilation can put you at a higher risk for the virus.
  • Monitoring your health daily by knowing the symptoms of COVID-19 so you can be one step ahead of the virus in case you contract it. Do not hesitate about getting in contact with your primary care doctor in Miami, Florida when symptoms develop.

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